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Potential Enterprise Mapping Strategy (PEMS) began as a research project with the aim of highlighting the untapped potential of small-scale businesses in Karachi. These enterprises have immense value for both the economy at the macro level, and entrepreneurs and employees at the micro level. They provide essential goods and services, create invaluable employment opportunities and also contribute to the national exchequer.

A comprehensive survey based on a sample size of 400 such enterprises revealed, however, that the vast majority were struggling to realize their full social impact due to a variety of obstacles. This finding formed the basis of PEMS’ evolved mission statement:

To foster innovation and unique business models which would unlock the full potential of grass-root businesses operating in Karachi and, in future, could be replicated for similar enterprises across Pakistan

With a team composed of researchers Talha Nadeem and Faizan Quadri, and backed by mentorship and resources provided by SEED Ventures, PEMS aims to revolutionize the business landscape with a win-win situation for all stakeholders concerned.